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YOU are in exactly the right place for some of the best WordPress and YouTube tools - all of them free of charge. These are exciting times and as you already know, the online world is changing every single day.

For this reason, we're constantly searching for the best tools to help you. We either create them ourselves or we buy them with the right to offer them to you for free.

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Free "X-Ray Vision" Tool Builds Your
YouTube Success, Targeting YouTube
Traffic To Your Site


TubeBuddy powers the popularity of your videos, building your channel and increasing traffic to your website ... aaaand it's free.


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Download TubeBuddy for Free Now 



Free Video Conferencing & Webinars

 No Registration 
No Download
No Installation
No Ads!

Access via: PC, Apple, Android & iPhone

Fast Entry ...

1- Simply enter your name plus any 'room' name, click "Create Room"

2- Your guests enter the room name and click "Join Room"

3- There is no "3" ... enjoy your meeting ;-)

Use your browser on any device ... mobile, desktop or laptop.



iPaint - Free Online Image Editor & Gallery For Attention Grabbing Graphics

 No Registration 
No Download
No Installation
No Ads!



Whether you want your target market to view your YouTube videos or you wish to add new graphics to your WordPress website, you need a great tool to help you generate the graphics with any custom text that suits your purpose. Here's what iPaint offers you:

  • Just start using - no registration, download or installation required, no ads!
  • Huge free graphics library: buttons, arrows, images and more
  • New graphics being added regularly
  • Completely free of charge and free from royalty fees (royalty free)
  • Use for any purpose, including commercial usage
    (cannot sell raw graphics or setup as alternative library/gallery on your site)
  • Use for any client video thumbnails and/or client websites
  • Bookmark and return as often as you wish
  • Animated graphics coming shortly - join priority notification list from the right tab




Spread Your Message For Free
With Viral ShareIt.Rocks

Would you like visitors to your website to take your PDFs and expose them to a far greater audience that you could on your own?
Check out and be sure to bookmark the site ...


 Free Distribution Rights


You may share the PDF files below, as they are, without altering the contents. Each PDF provides detailed information but also contains a link to the accompanying video below. Therefore your readers also have the option to view the related 'video summary' if they prefer.

<Video 1 Here>


<Video Here>
<PDF Here>

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