Refund Policy

This is a legal document and you are advised to employ your own independent legal advisers before proceeding.
Should you not be satisfied with your purchase(s) from our site, we offer a full, no-quibble, refund of your money.
Our standard refund term is 30 days from date and time of original purchase. The only exception to this is when a product or service has a different refund duration and states a term other than 30 days. In that case, the duration stated next to the "Buy" button or link for that product is the valid duration and the standard 30-day duration is to be ignored.
We do offer a full refund when requested within the term stated above. However, you may request a part refund depending on the circumstances. However, under no circumstances will our refund exceed the total amount paid for a specific product or service.
We offer no refunds or compensation of any kind for any direct loss or consequential loss, as a result of your usage of our website, products or services. Please see our terms and conditions document.
Additionally, our terms and conditions specify that if we terminate or cancel our agreement, for example if you are in breach of our terms, no refund will be made. Please see our terms and conditions document.
All refunds will be via the original means of payment and to the original payer's account. To be clear, we will not refund to PayPal for example, if the purchase was made via a credit card.
If you have queries or comments about this document, please kindly submit a support ticket to our support desk:
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